> Understanding basics of exposure and composition <




















"from Auto to Manual"




Digital photography workshop for beginners - fun, creative and inspirational.


Learn what the camera is doing to make a photograph,

take control of your camera, take fantastic pictures every time.

Shooting in automatic modes hoping your pictures turnout OK?

Just turning the camera on and clicking away without a thought

how that photo is being made?

Using Auto all the time and never other modes because  Using Auto all the time and never other modes because

you don’t have a clue what they do?


YES is the answer?


Then this workshop is for you.


You want to take the next step, learn photography the right way,

and take consistently great pictures.

Our workshop will teach you how to discover the joy of using the camera in its manual settings

whilst taking great shot





> No prior photography knowledge needed

> Digital DSLR camera or a digital compact with manual settings

> Memory card(s) 

> Fully charged battery

> Lots of energy and comfortable shoes!








> learn your camera - basic functions

> aperture, shutter speed, ISO

> correct exposure and creatively correct exposure

> depth of field, focal lenght, lenses

> white balance > white balance

> focusing and focus points

> creative photography techniques

(subject isolation, freezing the action, motion, panning, zooming and more)




> basic of composition - rule of thirds, using of horizontal line

> breaking the rule of thirds

> elements of design and how to use them > elements of design and how to use them

> creative composition techniques

(frame in the frame, negative space, filling the frame, reflections)

> working your subject, different angles/points of view


... and of course any individual needs, problems and questions




Learn by practising and you can be sure

you will soon take control of your camera

and make not a snapshot but THE image!

You will also have fun and fantastic experience

and take home great photographs!



- group of 3 or more (maximum of 6)




- individual 1:1 




Send me an email: - and I'll contact you soon with more information




What other say about this workshop

I had a wonderful time, thank you for everything!

I love your teaching style, now I understand what to do to get good shot

and if there will be a chance to continue I will be there!

Pavlina S.


I have already recommended your workshop to all my friends, it was awesome!

I have made a big step in my photography knowledge

and now I'm finally more confident in how to take a shot I really want! and now I'm finally more confident in how to take a shot I really want!

Lucie K.


It was fantastic! Thank you so much

and I really hope we will meet again at a workshop for intermediates!

Martina P.


Instructor> Monika Banas and/or Patrik Banas


Location> A varied selection of locations from parks/lake to urban areas

Date> flexible, on agreement

Time> flexible, on agreement, 3 hours



Behind the scenes video


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